Debuted at the 2019 Big River Steampunk Festival. As with the previous two entrie, the original photos were lost in a memory card failure.

This is simply the black corset and ruffled overskirt from Bonney Heart paired with the handmade two-layer skirt and out-of-the-closet shirt from Blackheart Beauty. The accessories are the same mix of handmade and purchased items I’ve worn with nearly every other ensemble lately, all detailed in previous entries. I think this is the last outing I’m going to get from those gloves, though – they’re made from the same brown pleather I used for one of my corsets, but they’re unlined, and they’ve been pulled on and tossed around enough they’re starting to fall apart along the seams. Like, the pleather is tearing. If it was just the seams unravelling, I could fix them, but… Nope.

The garden’s not so secret, either – it’s actually in the same downtown area as the festival, but it’s not part of the merchant or exhibition squares, so it doesn’t get the crowds.

And that’s it for 2019, albeit posted in 2020 when it’s getting close to time for something new! Right now, nothing’s been said about whether or not we’ll be looking at a cancellation due to Covid-19 (as far as I know, anyway – the website’s still advertising Labour Day weekend and while I don’t follow them on Facebook, my Gentleman Photographer does and he’d surely have told me if there’d been an annoucement), and I don’t know how to feel about either possibility. On the one hand, I’ve already got my outfit and this year it falls ON my birthday rather than just NEAR it, but on the other, everyone I know is high-risk and I’m having a lot of problems with masking due to my own conditions (when you already can’t breathe worth a damn and you’ve got four layers of fabric cutting it off even further..). So I guess we’ll see.

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