Why did it take me so long to get these up? Well, it’s been a rough year all the way around, and on top of everything else, my SD card died (or possibly fried – I was at the barn on a 90-degree day and my phone’s always had problems with overheating) before I was able to pull the BRSF 2019 pictures off. Fortunately I’d already posted a few to Instagram, but I kept hoping maybe the card would recover because all I can do with IG shots is embed them and I hate the way that looks and functions. It doesn’t look like that’s going to happen, though, so…

(Two embeds, with 6-10 shots each – there should be an arrow you can use to navigate through each set. See why I don’t like it for site galleries?)

This is just the base dress from Steampunk Louise, with my brown Artifixer corset and standard accessories. The shoot itself was done at the gates of Riverside Cemetary – it’s one of the many, many sites we have locally that dates back to the Victorian era, but I didn’t feel comfortable taking pictures amongst the graves themselves.

But that wasn’t all! Next up: The outfit I was really excited about.

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