Jun 2012

Fandom Project – Team Rocket, Riding Off Again!

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Prepare for Dixie Stables summer 2012 costume contest trouble!

I am an unabashed Pokémon fangirl, and have (and have had for many years) a life-size Meowth plushie. That’s really all you need to know about how the idea for this costume came about!

The majority of my costume uses repurposed clothing – I ironed a printable transfer onto a secondhand white shirt, found out the hard way that if something happens to said shirt and you need to wash it before it’s debuted, the transfer will run, and wore it anyway because what was I going to do at that point? The white skirt is also secondhand, and the boots, like Meowth, were already owned.

Yet again, my teammate is Joey (“In My Father’s Eyes”). His shirt, like so many of the other equine costumes I’ve produced lately, utilizes my horse-blanket paper pattern. It was cut from a secondhand sheet and had the same printed transfer applied, but as his didn’t suffer a laundry accident, it’s still the bright Rocket red it ought to be. His brand-new lavender mane-do is more hair from my custom MLP stash, and his rose is an oh-so-formal affair from Dollar Tree that we’ve attached to the cheekpiece of his bridle, just above the bit (so that he appears to be holding it in his mouth).

And yes! I did the entire speech from horseback! And there was great sadness that none of the watchers had their cameras out in time to capture it.

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