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Sep 2013

For Even More Fun: Pony Party With Jens

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(Click to embiggen!)

This isn’t in any way a proper costuming post, but it’s too good not to share!

A few years ago, I quit showing at anything other than my barn’s home shows, or our fun shows – while I do enjoy showing on occasion, away shows are just too expensive and too stressful. I want to support my barn and riding friends as much as possible, though, so I still come out when I can to help with show prep, which is usually the day before.

This year, the “day before” happened to coincide with my birthday! And what better way to celebrate it than a summer afternoon under the trees, surrounded by horses, cupcakes, and the scent of freshly-cleaned leather? And what better excuse to buy that oh-so-adorable ruffled pink cupcake apron I’ve had my eye on, for that matter? ^.~

(Jens did not get cupcakes, though unlike dogs and cats, horses can eat chocolate. It can be bad for them on other levels – for example, if they have disorders that are similar to diabetes in humans – but it’s not toxic. These were just intended for the human party guests instead!)

My mother baked the cupcakes, and I decorated them:

I also painted my nails to match, though please excuse my complete failure to clean them up around the edges, ugh:

Best day ever?

Best day ever.

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