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Oct 2017

Fandom Project – After All These Pumpkins?

   Posted by Atra Materia in Fandom

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Harry Potter / Ravenclaw “cheater” costume, first debuted in…oh my god, I don’t even know, but it’s been lolling around in my closet (and being worn just to be worn) for years. This year, it’s out for quick-and-dirty Halloween, so venture onward for details and close-ups of the pumpkins!

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Dec 2013

Fandom Project – Shieldmaiden of Rohan

   Posted by Atra Materia in Fandom, Fantasy, Historic

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Entry for the Dixie Stables winter 2013 costume contest. Venture onward for costume details, all about the horsie, and a sad story I wish I didn’t have to tell.

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