Fandom Project – Princess Luna In Her Own Right

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Quick update of the Princess Luna costume for Halloween 2015 – all the major details are the same as in the original post; the only differences are that I’ve added the blue wig, so that my hair’s now (more-or-less) the proper colour, and my posterboard wings have been swapped for feathers from the Halloween department. Oh, and there’s no pegasus to pull my chariot this time around. (Damned if we didn’t lose Joey a year or two ago, too… -sigh-)

The photos were taken in the driveway beside my house – it goes so sharply downhill, into the ravine, that it can’t really be used AS a driveway. We can pretend it’s the Everfree Forest, grown wild and forbidding.

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Posted Saturday, October 31st, 2015 at 11:23 pm in Cosplay / Fandom.

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