Oct 2014

Fun Project – King of Barn Beasts

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Entry for the Dixie Stables Halloween 2014 costume contest.

We’ve had a Christmas party at the barn for as long as I can remember, and while the summer fun show with its costume class is more recent, it’s been around for a few years now. The Halloween party is brand-new, though – so much so that I didn’t even hear about it until nearly the last minute, and had to scramble for a costume!

For that reason, it’s another “cheater costume”, with no sewing whatsoever on my part. I recently commissioned the lion hat from Wompawear at Etsy, with a custom request to make the mane dark rather than her usual caramel-maned lion hats. The Lion King is my absolute-favourite Disney movie (even beating out The Little Mermaid), and for all that he’s a daddy-killing infanticidal megalomanic, I might be a wee teeny bit in love with Scar. It’s the voice. And the slinking. And the – yeswell. >_> So I stuffed the hat in the car, made a mad dash for Wal-Mart, and was just barely able to find a tawny children’s tunic in the disaster area that was the Halloween section. I’m not even sure what it was actually supposed to be, because it had fallen out of its package! The zebra fabric in which Tolkien’s bedecked was an even luckier find, coming as it did off the dollar table, and once I was at the barn, I was able to borrow some eyeliner from one of the girls who carries makeup more regularly to give myself a nice little left-eye “scar”.


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