Fantasy Project – Faire Maiden

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Entry for the Dixie Stables 2014 summer costume contest.

When I whipped this costume up, it completely slipped my mind that “Gypsy”, because of the persecution of and discrimination against the Romani people, is a problematic costume – Gypsy Vanners are a type of draft horse (sometimes draft pony) with long, flowing manes and tails, heavily feathered feet, and splashes of colour, and the theme was chosen purely to correspond with that side of Tolkien’s breeding. I love the outfit and the pictures, but I don’t want to continue using a hurtful word to describe it, so I’m relabelling it as more of a hippie, bohemian, Renaissance Faire sort of thing.

This is another one that’s composed primarily of clothes already in my wardrobe and done up a bit for the show. The shirt is a white peasant-style blouse of gauzy cotton with a scooping, elasticized neckline and small, puffed sleeves. The underbust corset is one I made some years ago as a practice garment – it came directly from the original “duct tape” pattern, which I’ve since altered significantly, and has only three panels on each side. It’s of heavy black duck cloth, bound in black bias tape and boned with the plastic-coated wires. There are three layers of broomstick-esque skirt, all pinned up in various ways. The jewelry is all out of my personal collection, and the headscarf is a pair of “fat quarters” stitched together down the middle and false-overlocked around the edges with a zig-zag stitch.

Tolkien’s breastcollar and saddle blanket are blue broadcloth adorned with handmade yarn tassels. No pattern was used; I just measured, cut, and stitched up.

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Posted Sunday, June 22nd, 2014 at 12:18 am in Fantasy, Just For Fun.

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