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Feb 2023

Non-Project Post: Escape From The Purrmuda Triangle

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(Unfortunately, I have returned with neither purrmaids or purritos.)

The steampunk festival was indeed cancelled for 2020, though I made up for it with birthday, Halloween, and contest photoshoots instead.

It was back on for 2021 and 2022, and photoshoots resumed for that as well, but in all honesty, my life has been an absolute shipwreck and I’ve had zero energy to put into anything other than repurposing the ropes people keep throwing me to hang myself rather than drown.

I’m going to try to get the missing posts up in some form or another eventually because I do enjoy detailing the process behind the costumes, but it’s going to be slow going, and I’m likely going to have to continue embedding the Instagram galleries just to get the job done. Optimally, I’d like to go back later and redo them in the previously-established site style, but it’s always selecting and editing that end up being the biggest block I run into with regards to timely posting.

They’ll be backdated according to when they were originally taken, so they’ll appear after this post (which will be removed once I’m done). They’re also already on Instagram (hence the comparative ease of embedding) and can be viewed there now (there’s a link in the sidebar), but they’re mixed in amongst many, many non-costumey things, so it might be something of a treasure hunt that ends with a chest full of plastic doubloons and not real gold. >.>

Oct 2019

Pardon the (Possible) Mess!

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I’ve moved to a new domain and had to go back and manually change all my image links! At this point, everything should be pointing to the correct place, but there have been some issues with my photo links reverting from https to http and causing it to appear as if the site’s unsecure. I believe I’ve caught all those after a second round of edits, but you find further errors in the site, please let me know by emailing tailor -(at)- strangealchemy -(dot)- net!

Sep 2019

BRSF 2019 – Coming Soon(ish)!

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I went (of course)! And I have so many things to show you! (I love having someone who actually enjoys chasing me around with their finger permanently attached to the shutter button in search of the perfect shot.) Which means there are also so very many pictures to edit, and I’m wiped. >.> It may take a while, but they WILL be up when I can manage it!