Apr 2008

Older Projects – Blue Cotehardie I

   Posted by Atra Materia in Historic

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Circa 2005 – Second attempt at 14th Century garmenture, this time in blue broadcloth. The cutting and construction are the same as with the red polyblend.

The neck and sleeves are trimmed with a patterned strip that includes metallic thread – this is probably not a period practice (and certainly not in synthetic materials), but it makes the gown a little less bland.

For the event this was worn at, I coiled the braids over my ears (yep, Princess Leia style) and added a second anchoring band to the veil. It was half an experiment in style, and half a desperate attempt to keep my ears from getting frostbite. How well it worked is questionable – I still have my ears, but it was so cold at that event I probably wouldn’t have noticed if they had fallen off because I’d already gone numb. ^^;

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