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Steampunk Project – Blackheart Beauty

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What’s that, across the water? Can you see it?

(Click to embiggen! Click everything in this post to embiggen!)

Created for and debuted at the 2018 Big River Steampunk Festival.

This was originally going to be the “I Shall Wear Midnight” ensemble, because it was first worn for a midnight seancé the night prior to BRSF’s official opening:

(Vardo photos by Magnolia of Judas & Magnolia.)

(I think I’m laughing because right about then, my ride’s Teen Titans Go text tone went off while the phone was in her hand!)

In the above photos, taken outside the Judas & Magnolia vardo after the seancé, it’s bustled only in the back, worn with a single unstiffened petticoat, red floral hair clip, my favourite lace fan, and the green Artifixer corset seen previously in the Steampunk Louise costume – and I’d intended for it that to be the end of it. When I started putting together my outfit for Day One, though – yet another rehash of the Time & Space Hunter – I realized I was getting really tired of it and started playing around with a fresh(ish) mix of clothing and accessories. The end result?

Blackheart Beauty, the steampirate queen:

It’s around here somewhere – I know it –

There’s only one new handmade piece of any real importance here, and that’s the skirt. As usual, it was created using two layers of my standard six-panel pattern. For Blackheart Beauty, it’s drawn up highest in the front and drops gradually to full-length in the back. Because I’d only planned to bustle the top layer, the bottom layer lacked drawstrings, but had been sewn with the channels for them just in case I ever changed my mind – and it’s a good thing I did it that way, seeing as I had to run out at two in the morning to grab another Spool O’ Ribbon and get it done!

The rest of the ensemble features a shirt, stockings, and boots from my everyday closet, the brown leather Artifixer corset seen previously with Time & Space Hunter, and various bits and pieces including my self-made snap’n’strap belt and lace-up armlets, a copper(coloured) mug, one of my ex-roommate’s Nerf gun repaints, the gifted goggles, and a brown-and-cream fan we’ll come back to later!

Both the watch and the cameo are new. The watch, sadly, is a modern purchase – between BRSF 2017 and BRSF 2018, I acquired a beautiful antique pocketwatch that I’d hoped to wear this time around, but alas, it needs servicing – it won’t run for more than a few minutes at a time, and I like for functional accessories to actually be functional when I’m carrying them (which is also why I no longer have my old modern pocketwatch, as that ten-dollar piece of crap has given up all its ghosts). Likewise, the cameo is a charm from Hobby Lobby, which I attached to a cheap black-lace-and-chain choker from Walmart. The choker originally came with some hideous black plastic dangles, which the aforementioned ex-roommate helpfully popped off for me before I arrived to finish the rest.

Got it!

I’m also wearing my finalist medal from the 2016 BRSF Costume Contest, because srsly, what’s a steampunk adventurer’s costume without medals? (I really need to make myself one for that Heroic Tea Service, too, but I haven’t been able to find the right kind of charm yet.)

And it’ll be me and me alone who takes it!

In a few shots, you can see the end of my drawers – I may have told a teensy white lie about how much of this set was new and handmade, because they are, too, but I’m not really counting them because they aren’t a primary visual feature (also, they’re getting a post of their own, along with a few other underthings). I did make one small change to them here, and that was swapping out their white ribbon lacing for higher-contrast, better-matching black ribbon.

(With Steampunk Agent Owl / Teddiliza.)

I met Teddi / Agent Owl after the Time Traveller’s Ball last year, and recognized her immediately as we were both wandering around the Great Midway. And I said I’d come back to that fan, right? That’s because she’s carrying the exact same one! (Which I really hope she didn’t get AT the festival, because I got mine at Dollar Tree, and I’m willing to bet a lot of the resellers tossing them in baskets for $3-$5 paid about what I did themselves. >_> )

Truth be told, I was so frustrated the night I put this together that not only was I not sure how I felt about it, I actually thought I might hate it! And now – well, I’m pretty damn sure it’ll be worn again. So all in all, a good decision on the part of the person who encouraged it, and a good day at the festival!

But that’s not all – this year, I did two new ensembles! Next up: A Little Light Tea.

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